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It's nearing the end of 2016, which makes me get to thinking about the new year, and what I want to accomplish, and that led me to thinking today about why we do what we do at KD. Really WHY. Obviously we opened a business 11 years ago to make some money, and sure, we've done that, but why do it this way? For certain, there are easier and quicker ways to make a buck, and we have done some of those, too. But why choose this path? Why sell the curious, eclectic assortment of items that makes Kalembar Dune the entity that it is?

So I started scratching down some thoughts as to why.

We love vintage products. I mean we are crazy about them! They make us smile, we enjoy seeing them again, just in that same way as when we run into an old friend, one that we haven't see in forever. It's THAT feeling.

We also love things that are not vintage, and they can be new but they are clever. They can be handmade by an artisan, and they are different. These items make us use that part of our brains that values beauty, and music, and color. We love these too, as they warm our hearts.

Not to mention, we are passionate about not throwing stuff away. We feel SAD when we have to trash something. We actually hold them in our hands, trying to save them!! We scour our brains trying to figure out a new life for a piece, when it's original purpose can no longer fit into today's modern, crazy society.

Because of these "why ideas" here's what we end up doing:

Re-selling - we privately consign awesome pieces to have them have a new place. It's that circle of life premise - taste changes, kids grow up, you move to a new city. It's all exciting!

Re-purpose - we merchandise vintage items with an eye to today. Yesterday's pink depression pickle dish is today's lovely dresser tray...yesterday's flexible flyer sled is today's front porch winter decoration, yesterday's cigarette case is today's credit card wallet (and if you know me, you know that's what I use!)

Re-style - we give you ideas as to how to decorate and arrange your own home using our methods of mixing textures, furniture staging and whimsy. Gone forever is the formal living room with the plastic slip covers. Homes are LIVED in today, and furniture and decor are USED.

And lastly, we want to have fun! And we want you to have fun, too. Because if we are all having fun, we are sending positive thoughts out into the universe, and the universe will send positive blessings back to us.

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